Quick Guide on What Motherboard Slot has Direct Access to the North Bridge?

Quick Guide on What Motherboard Slot has Direct Access to the North Bridge?
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You have so many queries related to building your computer. You may be wondering what features the motherboard has and what motherboard slot has direct access to the North Bridge? System of motherboard is having two different chips which are namely Northbridge and South-bridge. These both chips will connect various components of system motherboard with rest of the components.

The northbridge is connected with the GPU with rest of the components. In these components, we have AGP cards, RAM, FSB, front bus and PCI Express cards.

What about the PCIe slot?

The slot of PCIe is basically working as the high speed form of channel with which few updated series of computer peripherals are yet connected. Thus, northbridge is also connecting the slot of PCIe with system of CPU.

The primary PCIe is generally found on the Macs and the PCs where its main role is to connect graphical cards or a few other storage devices. In mid era of 2000, most of the motherboards had a PCIe slot, which replaced to PCI and PCI-X based slots.

Introduction to the North Bridge motherboard

Northbridge is known to be a chipset which is connected with the CPU via FSB or through the front-side of system bus. Comaprsion to the Southbridge counterpart, northbridge is yet responsible in view with processes that require the most computer performance. Southbridge fully controls the series of I / O hub.

Rest of the names used for the northbridge are the memory controller or the MCH hub. You can also call it graphics or by memory controller hub or the GMCH. The latest designs of motherboard is quite a lot simpler and is having fewer components. This is because they reduce the overall costs and improve the system functionting.

The Northbridge controller is also associated with the processor. This combination can reduce the latency of the memory chip to function. It would help if you had complete know-how about what does the north and south bridge do on a motherboard.

Meanwhile, the AMD FX CPU has independent Northbridge and Southbridge chips. This term is taken from the architectural sketch according to the map. As shown in the sketch, Southbridge is yet the slowest bridge and lies among all the other systems.

Which slot of motherboard is required for installing a latest high-end graphical card?

Top graphical cards yet work on motherboards with AGP or the set of accelerated graphics ports and even not on PCI slots. When investing in any motherboard, inquire that do motherboards still have north and southbridge.

At the introduction of high-end graphics cards and the set of updated drives of hard disk, motherboard designs failed and hampered performance. The AGP bus is therefore created for direct connection to the North Bridge. Top graphics cards now work as expected because they are yet no longer part of the PCI.


Now that you know what motherboard slot has direct access to the North Bridge, you can identify the various parts and components of a traditional motherboard and how it works with it.

Northbridge acts as a traffic controller because it manages data inside and outside the CPU. The performance of the entire Northbridge chip is showing an impact on the whole system performance.

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