How To Play Flee The Facility On Laptop

How To Play Flee The Facility On Laptop

How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop As a survivor your main goal is to escape from the facility as fast as you can. To do this you have to hack at most five computers (in a maximum player server) as fast as possible. It is preferred to hack with two others to finish computers faster.

If you don’t know how to hack you must wait for the skill check and press e when the red arrow reaches the white space. If not then a red marker will appear and the beast will rush to you as fast as possible.

How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop


As a beast, your main goal is to capture survivors before you escape the facility as fast as you can. To do this you have to hit survivors with your hammer. How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop For a short period, they are immobilized unless they start flopping around.

While they are immobilized you need to drag their pixelated body with a loose rope to a freezing chamber. For a short period, they will be stuck in the freezing chamber until they freeze to death or are saved by another survivor. If you stand too close to the freezing chamber their health won’t go down which is a good way to prevent camping.

Tips and Tricks:

Familiarize yourself with every single map (it’s six it’s not that hard) If the beast doesn’t camp If you wanna camp do it in the general area where people will most likely be Don’t team because you lost against a beast, it’s just childish and takes out the fun You can no longer block other survivors.

How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop take that teamers Jump as much as you can if survivor so beast will spam in chat Hack in high and open places to have an easy escape and slow down the beast Hide under tables lol When you mess up, RUN If you have multiple escape routes, stay until you see signs of the beast being there Don’t hide, your main goal is to hack computers not hide

Lore (According to a comment on a very old post)

Five friends go camping and one falls down a hole. There is writing that says capture them all and a person in a freezing chamber. He gets lured by the gem and it gets stuck on his back. Now the gem controls his mind and it makes him pick up a hammer.

How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop He whacks all of his other five friends and puts them in a facility where their goal is to escape. The beast, which was their old friend, has to capture all of them before time runs out.

That’s the lore to the facility I don’t know the lore to the other maps.

Tips and Tricks – Flee the Facility

This guide will provide you with the tips and tricks of Roblox Flee the Facility.

1. Vents are your best friends.

When the beast is chasing you, or you are searching for computers. They do help.

2. You can plan an escape route if the beast makes a sudden appearance.

3. You need to watch your back when hacking.

In this way, the beast cannot make a surprise attack.

Now, you can use a backup route.

4. Close the doors behind yourself; it helps if the beast is chasing. You can use the vents as it saves time and helps you get a few seconds. You have to use the torchlight; the beast gives as much as possible.

Both of the computers are hacked now. All that worked for no reason.

Going towards failed computers depends on your dodging skills.

As the beast might be there.

The beast is back again. To Know How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop.

Luckily no one was captured, so you didn’t have to save anyone. But when someone is captured, they will probably save you too.

Check just in case the beast could be there; you never know.

No beast, you are safe. You have to keep the nearby doors open, so you can slam them in the beast’s face if they come.

My tips on surviving to Flee the facility.

I have played FTF (Flee the facility) since the early alpha release and I have seen some things that a lot of rookies do on there. Here is my guide on how to be better at escaping. How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop.

Know your map. If you know your map then you will know where each computer can spawn and how to navigate through it.

Have a good connection. As many people know, if you have a bad connection you will be moving very slowly to other people with a good connection.

Don’t team. Teaming is fine if you and the person/people you’re teaming with are on the survivor team, however, if your team is with the beast or the survivors then they could tell you where they are and ruin their experience at the game.

Don’t camp. If you camp as the beast then not only the person you’re camping won’t die, but it makes them want to leave, this ruining not only theirs but the other survivors that try to save them. How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop Camping makes you a bad player.

Wear dark clothing (Optional) Wearing dark clothing/ making yourself pitch black will help you camouflage with the darkness in the darker maps (Homestead Abandoned prison, etc.


Be a good sport. Being a good sport won’t make you look like a mean person, nor will it make people think you rage easily. Saying gg after a round is what would be considered a good sport.

Utilize the wardrobes. I can’t tell you how many times hiding in a wardrobe saved my life, nor how many people never bother checking them. Hiding in a wardrobe will help you stay near a computer or save a friend nearby without the beast knowing.

Use your ability (Beast) Using your ability (the sprint) will help you get the people that go in a vent then out of that vent and repeat that, not to mention it helps catch people that jump over windows. In this way, you will get the idea of How to Play Flee The Facility On Laptop.

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