How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to MacBook

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to MacBook?

There are no significant differences between Mac and non-Mac keyboards, and that’s why Mac allows you to use non-Mac keyboards. Before using a window keyboard on Apple, you need to make a strong connection between both devices. The Logitech keyboard is also a Window keyboard, but some enthusiasts don’t know how to connect Logitech keyboard to MacBook.

You also need to learn the differences between Mac and Logitech keyboards that make them unique. The modifier keys, keycaps, and most functions are different in the Logitech keyboard. 

Can I Use a Logitech Keyboard With a Mac?

The Logitech keyboards are mechanical and fully compatible with MacBooks. You can use the Logitech keyboard on your MacBook with a connection. For Example, If you have a wireless version of Logitech, there are different criteria for connecting with Mac, and if you have a wired version, you can connect it by applying two simple steps. 

An update of modifier keys is also required to use the Windows keyboards on Mac. After connecting the Logitech keyboard to Mac, you need to swap modifier keys to use the Logitech keyboard without any interruption. 

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to MacBook?

The Logitech keyboards are compatible with MacBooks, but due to their more than one type, these keyboards have respective ways of connecting. Basically, Logitech comes in two modes wired and wireless. Both versions are compatible with MacBooks and have more straightforward ways of connecting with them. Choose the best one according to your favorite Logitech keyboard.

Before learning the process of connecting, you need to know the main differences between MacBook and Logitech keyboards.


  1. MacBooks have Control, Option, and Command keys in a sequence
  2. MacBooks have unique command logos on their keycaps
  3. MacBooks have Launchpad, Mission Control, and Siri features


  1. Logitech has Control, Option, and Window keys in different disorder
  2. Logitech has a Window logo on keycaps instead of a butterfly
  3. Logitech doesn’t have additional features like Launchpad, Mission Control, and Siri features

Wired Logitech 

In the case of a wired keyboard, you need to choose the exact USB detachable that match-up with the port type of your MacBook. Most MacBooks contain just one USB port, which is normally typed C. Let’s connect your wired Logitech keyboard to your MacBook by following the steps:

  • Turn on your MacBook
  • Navigate the USB port on MacBook
  • Turn on the Logitech Keyboard
  • Plug the C-type dongle detachable into port
  • Your Logitec is connected to MacBook

After connecting, you need to remap the keys of the MacBook because they are mapped according to Mac keyboards. Let’s remap keys like the following.

  • Go to the home screen of the MacBook.
  • Open the system preferences by navigating the Apple logo
  • Open the keyboard tab
  • Select the modifier keys
  • Remap the keys according to the position of the keys on the Logitech

Wireless Logitech

Most Logitech keyboards come in wireless mode on the demand of gamers because these keyboards are hot-swappable, and their wireless version provides relaxation to their users. As MacBooks have HD graphics, the combination of a wireless Logitech keyboard and MacBook seems attractive.

Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with MacBook, and if you want to type on your mac from any corner of your room, you can connect it via Bluetooth and receiver. Let’s take a view at the methods of connecting them.

Via Reciever

Wireless keyboards from Logitech come with a receiver and Bluetooth mode. If your wireless keyboard doesn’t have the option of turning on Bluetooth, it means that your keyboard has only a receiver for connecting with other devices.

  • Turn on your MacBook
  • Navigate the USB port by detecting the receiver
  • Plug the receiver into MacBook’s USB port
  • Turn on the keyboard
  • Check and verify the connection

Via Bluetooth

The connection of wireless keyboards via receiver is not successful because after losing the receiver, your wireless keyboard becomes useless. However, the Bluetooth version of the Logitech keyboard has the highest reviews by users. Try to choose the Bluetooth version for wireless Logitech keyboards. Connect your Logitech keyboard with your Macbook through the given actions.

  • Turn on your MacBook
  • Go to the home screen and click on the Apple logo
  • Select the option of System Preferences
  • It will show you multiple icon tab
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon
  • Turn the Bluetooth on and put it on active pairing mode
  • Turn on your wireless Logitech keyboard
  • Navigate the easy-switch button
  • Press and hold the easy-switch button until the light on the keyboard start blinking
  • Once the light starts blinking, release the button
  • Your Logitech keyboard is in active pairing mode now
  • Navigate the active devices list on your MacBook
  • Select the name of your device
  • Let’s pair and connect the Logitech keyboard to MacBook
  • You have done it. Press some keys to check the connection

After connecting them via Bluetooth, you have different orders of modifier keys on the Logitech keyboard. Mac has a default map of modifier keys, and you need to remap some keys, as the window key will be your command key on Logitech. 

  • Again go to the home screen of the MacBook.
  • Open the system preferences by clicking the Apple logo
  • Open the keyboard tab under system preferences
  • Select the modifier keys under the keyboard tab
  • Remap the Control, Option, and Command keys according to the orders of the keys on the left side of the space key.


The final words about how to connect Logitech keyboard to MacBook are that you can choose the easiest and quickest process to get the incredible view of the Windows and Mac combination. Whether you have wired or wireless versions of Logitech keyboards, you can connect them to your MacBook by following the given manners. We hope you are satisfied with our instructions and methods, and there is no need to explain more about them.

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