How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv
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How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv Whether you want to view your Dell laptop computer screen on your TV or watch videos from your collection, you need to get your laptop connected to the TV.

Unfortunately, you’re not much of an A/V whiz and don’t know how to connect the two or what equipment you’ll need. How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv While there’s no short answer because it depends on the connections available on your specific Dell laptop and television, here are some basic ways to get connected.

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv

Step 1

Connect using an S-Video cable. This is probably the simplest, most widely available connection. Before you purchase a cable be sure that your laptop and TV use the same S-Video: it could be 4 or 7 pin holes. If not, you may need to purchase a 7 to 4 pin adapter or select another method below, How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv:

Step 2

Connect video. Use the S-Video cable to connect the S-Video output on your laptop, which is round with multiple pinholes, to the S-Video input on your television.

Step 3

Connect audio. If you intend to send audio as well as video to your TV, you’ll need to hook audio up separately. Plug the single end of a Y RCA cable into the headphone jack on your laptop. Plug the left and right RCA ends into the audio inputs on your TV.

Component Video Adaptor

Step 1

Connect using component video connection. You’ll need an S-Video/Component Video adapter. Plug S-Video end into laptop S-Video output.

Step 2

Use the component cable to connect component adapter outputs to component video inputs on your TV. Make sure that the three-component video cables/connections properly align: Pr (Red), Y (Green), and Pb (Blue).

Step 3

Connect audio. Connect audio using a Y RCA cable from your laptop’s headphone jack to your television’s left and right audio inputs.


Step 1

Connect HDMI cable. HDMI is the easiest option for high-definition programming. High definition televisions should have an HDMI input. This cable carries both video and audio.

Step 2

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI output on your Dell laptop. Connect the other end to the HDMI input on your TV.

Composite Video

Step 1

Connect using composite video (yellow cable); this may be your only option on older televisions.

Step 2

Connect an S-Video/Composite Video adapter or cable by hooking the S-Video end into the S-Video output of your computer. Connect the composite video output on the adapter to the composite video input on your TV with a composite video cable.

Step 3

Use the Y RCA cable from the headphone jack to the left and right audio inputs to make the audio connection.

How to Connect My Dell Laptop to My TV

To find How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv Owning a Dell laptop computer makes it easy to enjoy various types of media. Whether you’re surfing the Internet, watching movies, or listening to music, it’s all accessible from a device no larger than a briefcase. But it’s exactly this compact size that may make viewing content intended for larger screens a little difficult. The good news is there are ways to connect your Dell laptop to your home television screen, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy.

Plug the end of the digital visual interface (DVI) adapter into the outlet on the side of your Dell laptop. You’ll know where it goes because the prongs of the DVI adapter are unique to one port on the computer.

Plug one end of the video graphics array (VGA) connector into the DVI adaptor and fit the other end into the appropriate outlet in the back of your television.

Go to the main menu on your Dell laptop and choose “System Preferences” from the main file menu. Then click “Displays” and then “Detect displays. ” Your computer will detect the connection, and your computer’s display will be on the television screen. So How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv.

Plug the stereo adapter into the headphone jack on your computer.

Connect one end of the composite/phono plug (RCA) cables to the stereo adapter and the other end to the A/V inputs in your TV.

Play music or video on your computer to check if the audio is coming through the television. If it is, your Dell is hooked up to your TV.


Keep the television and laptop OFF while making connections. You may need to change the settings for your screen size and resolution. Depending upon the model and year of your Dell laptop, you may have different outputs. Follow the second link below to search for a user’s manual for your specific model. I hope you will get the idea of How to Connect Dell Laptop to Tv.

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