What is an ATX Motherboard and the Main Advantages of ATX Motherboard?

What is an ATX Motherboard and the Main Advantages of ATX Motherboard?

Are you looking for some main advantages of ATX motherboard before investing in it? For some people, the use of motherboards is not that attractive, similar to the RAM sticks or the graphic cards.

But when you think of purchasing a PC, you should not ignore this component at all.  They might not influence the overall system performance, but they define the compatibility and limitation of the rest of the components. Let’s highlight a few important advantages of the ATX motherboard.

What is ATX Motherboard?

ATX is defined as the international standard for the motherboard’s power supply known as Advanced Technology Extended. Different brands are manufacturing ATX models, but almost all of them are in the dimension of 305mm * 244mm sizing. They have 24 pins and eight pins of connectors for an efficient power supply unit (PSU).

The introduction of ATX has revolutionized how the motherboard functions and performs sufficiently. The memory design of the CPY has been altered to the degree of 90, which keeps the CPU quite a lot cooler.

What are the Important Advantages of ATX motherboards?

Let’s not waste a single second and step into the main topic where we are listing down a few important advantages of micro ATX motherboard:

  • Sufficient Upgrades & Expansion

Due to enough size, ATX motherboards will allow you to have maximum ports or slots which you can use for the expansion. This will include network cards, more GPUs, RAID cards, sound cards, and SSDs for storage.

Apart from that, a great number of USB ports is also part of it, including 4 RAM slots that support quad-channel memory. It has 7 PCIe slots for upgrading and expansion purposes.

  • Swapping parts is easy

With the ATX motherboard, you get complete freedom where you have the flexibility to remove or add parts from the motherboard according to your convenience. The motherboard case is a lot roomy to meet all your swapping needs.

  • Overclocking is extremely convenient

Due to better involvement of PSUs, overclocking feature is another important thing to talk about ATX motherboards.

  • Excellent Cooling

Due to the giant casing of ATX motherboard, it gets easier for you to adjust the system with cooling fans and much more. Cooling will help the motherboard to perform better and with greater reliability. Extra space will also improve the airflow.

Are ATX motherboards good for gaming?

So many people are interested in knowing about ATX motherboards good for gaming! In comparison to ITX’s choice, they are! ITX and ATX can perform extra efficiently based on usage. But ATX has sufficient RAM with PCI slots that can be used for different purposes.

It works great for internet surfacing, playing workstations, or gaming.


We hope that our guide on the main advantages of ATX motherboard will help you see if this system component is worth investing in. Research a bit more on it and go for the choice of a superior model.


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